Staring Into the Void

Look at all the gigantic white space that this blog is currently not occupying! THE VOID. THE VOID.

Before the crushing void of the idea of an infinite amount of ones and zeros swamps the very boat of this blog in the starry sea of the – METAPHOR EMERGENCY EXIT.


I should write down some what I’d like to put here, in a more solid fashion. I believe that they call this ‘making a list’. Very daring.

The list:

  1. Photos!
  2. Essays!
  3. Drawings!
  4. Things I need to remember
  5. Things I’d like to forget
  6. $5 million dollars in untraceable funds, so that I can fund my coffee addiction

For now, let’s try to just get 1 – 3 up in this place. It does seem that all the cool kids are using Flickr for photo hosting, and also that my cellphone is attempting to smother itself at night to relieve it’s own misery (I need to take my photos out of it’s over-stuffed, creaking memory).

First, cellphone excavation. Second, uploading! Maybe. We’ll see!